Imam Wahyudi. 2017.Strategies Used by Indonesian Test Takers in
Completing Integrated Reading-Listening-Writing Task of TOEFL iBT® Test
Dissertation Proposal.Doctoral DegreeinEnglishLanguageTeaching,
StateUniversityof Malang. Advisors: (I) Prof. Dr. Nur Mukminatien, M. Pd.,
(II) Prof. Ali Saukah, MA., Ph.D., (III) Prof. Bambang Yudi Cahyono, M.Pd., MA.,

Although a number of previous studies
have been conducted to investigate integrated reading-listening-writing
strategies in TOEFL iBT, substantial questions related to this topic remain
unanswered and need be investigated further. One of the issues in the previous
studies was their research settings were not the real test situations.
Moreover, their studies involve a relatively small representation of subjects
with different cultural background. Consequently, it limits the
generalizability of their findings. Thus, whether the real test takers of TOEFL
iBT test, and whether test takers with different cultural background (e.g.
Indonesian test takers) use the same integrated writing strategies (as found in
the previous research findings) remain unanswered (Barkaoui, 2015; Plakans & Gebril, 2017; Plakans
& Gebril, 2013a; Plakans & Gebril, 2013b; Plakans, 2009; Yang &
Plakans, 2012). Considering the missing gaps in the
previous research findings, the present doctoral dissertation research is to
answer the following research questions: 1) what strategies are used by
Indonesian test takers in completing integrated reading-listening-writing task
of TOEFL iBT test; and 2) how do they use their strategies in completing
integrated reading-listening-writing task of TOEFL iBT test.

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