IVLP On Demand (IVLP OD, formerly Voluntary Visitors or “VolVis”) offers rapid response projects that can be turned around quickly to address newly emerging policies, geopolitical opportunities and pressing foreign policy needs. The distinguishing features of IVLP On Demand provide missions and the Department with as much flexibility as possible within the IVLP framework. Participants may be nominated at any time of year and are not tied to the annual IVLP selection committee process (think “rolling admissions”). IVLP On Demand can support “targets of opportunity” when mission contacts are traveling to the United States for some other purpose (business, conference, personal visit, etc.). There are no region or country allocations in IVLP On Demand. Project acceptance depends on both strategic urgency and the availability of funding and staffing. IVLP OD programs are approved on a first come, first served basis in Washington so the sooner you submit your proposal the better. As soon as we have a better idea from you in terms of project, etc., we can e-mail Washington with a proposal.

IVLP On Demand projects are short-term and highly customized, generally limited to a maximum of ten calendar nights and ten participants. Missions are encouraged to nominate target audiences who might otherwise never have the opportunity to participate in the IVLP, such as high-ranking officials who cannot spend long periods away from their jobs, and contacts whose importance is suddenly of strategic interest to U.S. foreign policy. Although mission Public Affairs Sections (PAS) must nominate all participants, projects may be co-developed with any DOS bureau or office. IVLP On Demand has “in-house” programming expertise; staff manage all aspects of projects directly, without relying on the availability of a contract program agency. While VIP or protocol support cannot be offered, participants with ranks up to cabinet level are eligible.

IVLP OD participants usually travel either as individuals or as single-country groups self-formed to examine a particular subject. Although combining some aspects of both individual and group projects for grantees, IVLP OD projects are primarily designed around the participants’ particular interests and with their active involvement. Suggestions provided by the visitors are sent to Washington, D.C. in advance of their departure for the U.S. and, through constant dialogue with the visitors and Public Affairs Offices overseas, are developed directly by the IVLP OD programming staff, or in conjunction with cooperating programming agencies, into a completed national program. The relatively shorter duration of IVLP OD programs dictates a greater degree of pre-planning, although additional fine-tuning is still possible once the visitors have arrived in the U.S.

Policies and Procedures:

  • Proposals should be submitted at least 3 months ahead of the proposed program dates to the office of IVLP OD to consider the funding availability, program dates availability, and logistics such as visa and passport applications..
  • Number of participants: 1 to 10 people;
  • No spouses or family on trip unless s/he qualifies on own professional merits;
  • Generally 7 to 10 calendar days maximum programming; may be as few as two calendar days;
  • 3 cities maximum per program and must spend a minimum of two work days in each city;
  • No programming on weekends;
  • IVLP OD does not cover international travel costs, domestic flights for participants who are out of Jakarta or Surabaya for the visa interview at the Consular Section, and related expenses such as travel allowances and visa fees – these expenses must be cost-shared by the participants themselves, their employers or home governments. Tickets may also be purchased by other USG sources, if such funds are determined to be legally available;
  • IVLP OD offers a range of domestic funding levels – unfunded, partially funded or fully funded – as appropriate for various groups;
  • IVLP OD does not provide health and accident insurance unless participants will travel on a J visa type;

To submit a proposal, use the “IVLP OD Proposal Form” (see sample proposals also) and send to:

Brett Walkley ( / Shita Dewi ( / Heru Irwan (

Note: If the proposal is approved and we move forward with planning, we will need the “IVLP OD Nomination Form” (including justification) for each individual nominee, even if they are traveling as a group (attached, with sample)